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Work — what do I do

I'm a product manager — I help small and mid-sized businesses to create & develop digital products

I was the Head of Product (consulting) at Tinkoff

I was the Chief Product Officer (consulting) at Hashbon

I'm the WorldSkills International Expert in Russia

I'm a founder and the member of the expert board in technological startup accelerator GTA.

I'm the author of the book Product Management

I'm a columnist in Business FM

I'm a head of the course in MIDIS. I design and teach courses of IT-business and Digital Products Management. Once I became the lecturer of the month

I'm the lead teacher of the course of Digital Product Management and IT-Project Management in Chelyabisk State University

I have been teaching the course of Digital Design in Saint-Petersburg School of Television for several years

In 2017 I was a Workshop Manager and organized International Competition in Abu-Dhabi