Leonid Lapidus

More about me

I have experience in software development since 2002. I manage IT projects since 2006. I like when everything in a project is in a good order,
so I don't participate in a project if the requirements specification is not defined. However, I am always eager to help defining it.

When developing any project I keep in mind easy further support.

I am ready to work out the complex system architecture, make decisions on the technology choice, manage the project and be responsible for the decisions I make.

I manage the digital products since 2008. I know how to meet the deadlines. I can communicate with the customers. I am always learning something new and developing myself (courses, trainings, seminars, books) and I expect the same from my team members.

I love science and read a few scientific magazines. I love to explore new things going on and expanding the human understanding of the world. I like classic and rock music, travelling. I enjoy public speaking and I'm not afraid of a large attendance